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The Crafting Crone

Green Alien Life-size Poppet/Reborn

Green Alien Life-size Poppet/Reborn

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This adorable doll has a special secret inside! Stuffed with love, glass beads (for weight), and a pouch full of herbs and crystals, these dolls are made with a purpose. Hand crafted right here at home with our own generational blends.

We have modernized and popified poppets. Each one of these adorable, big eyed babies is made to "feel" like a real baby. They range in size from 19-21 inches and wear preemie and newborn size baby clothing. Care for it and it can help you with your cause. 

We custom craft each one based on your personal need. 



Increasing Intuition?

Just ask, and we will let you know if "we've got a blend for that"

Each custom poppet comes with detailed instructions upon delivery. 

Outcome and effectiveness are not guaranteed. As with all items spiritual in nature, outcome and effectiveness are based on intention and belief. 


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