Three Crystals That Everyone Should Have in Their Crystal Collection

Three Crystals That Everyone Should Have in Their Crystal Collection

Whether you are just starting out collecting crystals, or you’re an avid collector, there are just some crystals you shouldn’t be without. Keep reading if you want to find out about three crystals that we consider “must-haves”!

Clear Quartz – Quartz is an awesome amplifier crystal. You can add it to your other crystals to up their “powers” or use it to amplify your own energy. Just be mindful of your feelings and intentions while handling this powerhouse because you can unknowingly amp up negative feelings as well.

Rose Quartz – This is probably one of the most “misunderstood” crystals with many people believing it will magically make someone fall in love with you, or attract your soulmate. While this is, in essence, a possibility, an important part of attracting outside love is creating “inside love”. The Universe doesn’t send anyone anything they are not ready to receive…no matter how many crystals they have. Before someone else can truly love you, you need to learn to love yourself. Rose Quartz is such a beautiful companion in the journey to self-appreciation and love, which will prepare you to receive true love from another.

Peacock Ore - This is one of my personal favorites. This mystical looking stone is super versatile when it comes to the metaphysical arena. Peacock Ore can be used to help you connect with your intuition, help you remember your dreams, have lucid dreams, and even increase your focus during meditation.

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