“We are all eternal beings… Our materialized form changes shape and our energetic core continues on with the wisdom, or lack thereof that knows no boundaries. However, there are boundaries in the earth interface. We are here, learning and growing… All of the beings come and go. Sometimes, we may even encounter unidentifiable entities. Sometimes, we may even be able to view through the veil… Through the parameters that exist. The overlapping dimensions of reality contain individual differences that make up the infinite nature of reality. What would happen to people, to spirits, if those boundaries regularly dissolved…”

David P. Hernandez

Original Art Reincarnation

When we are a child, we see the world as an endless place, full of all of the possibilities our little open minds can imagine. As we age, that understanding is dampened and destroyed by the all-consuming  realities of this world. This existence is normally the focus. We go to work to make money. We adhere to social norms. We rarely think of what’s “outside” of here. What’s beyond here?

What if it’s all actually here right now? What would that look like…if we could still see it? Reincarnation touches on more than the first level understanding of what happens after death. It pulls the curtain back on the truth of what we really are, and the fact that we are actually the encompassment of every life we’ve ever lived…and haven’t lived, “yet”. If the parameters were removed, and we could see the totality of it all, we would see that everything is actually happening all at once. Our energetic existence doesn’t live by the same rules as our incarnated selves.

Reincarnation invites you to take a step back and reintroduce yourself to the realm of endless possibilities. Are you ready to accept that invitation?


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