New Witch Must-Haves

New Witch Must-Haves

Are you just getting into the craft? I’m sure you have SO many questions, and as valuable as the online world is…it can leave you with even MORE confusion. There is a plethora of information out there, and it’s hard to know what’s “good” information and what’s not.

As a generational witch, I’ve had the luxury of knowing my roots. I never had to “start from scratch”, but that doesn’t mean all you baby witches aren’t in my thoughts. The craft can be overwhelming for even the most practiced witch, so I wanted to put together a list of items I couldn’t do my craft without.

Maybe this list will help someone out there hone in on their witchy gifts…and please remember, don’t just go by what anyone tells you or recommends. Everyone has different gifts and abilities. What speaks to them, may not speak to you…and that’s ok! Your OWN intuition is your most powerful resource!

Spell Kit

  1. A “Crafting Kit”. This kit contains many of the herbs and crystals you will need to start practicing. It also has some extras, like candles. Link to this kit >>

 Beginner Tarot Cards

  1. Tarot Cards. I love these Tarot Cards because they have descriptions right on the cards themselves. They are great for beginners who haven’t yet built their own associations with the Tarot yet. Link to these cards >> Kit
  2. Sage Smudging Kit. Safety is key when you start crafting! Protect yourself, and your space by clearing out any stagnant energy. I love this kit because it comes with a beautiful shell a few other extras. Grab this kit here >>


I hope that these items help light that fire of knowledge within your witch soul! Happy crafting…


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