Cleanse Your Space

Cleanse Your Space

Sometimes your space can just feel “off”. Maybe you’ve been in a “funk” or maybe someone negative has entered your space and left behind some energetic residue…whatever the cause, space cleansing is an essential part of realigning your own energy.

So, how do you cleanse your space? If you have never done it before, or your old methods aren’t working, don’t be afraid to try something new. Check out these simple steps for cleansing your space of negativity…

  1. Actually, clean your space. Decluttering is the first step in cleansing any area. Negative energy LOVES clutter and disorganization. This is especially true for your bedroom. When we dream, we are more open to realms outside of this physical existence. If we attract negative energy, and allow it places to “hide”, our dream world can become a pretty scary place. This can carry over into our life while awake.
  2. Smoke smudging is your friend. Smoke is a great resource for clearing a space. Forget whatever your hippie friend told you and find what works best for you. Sage? Sweet grass? Incense? Palo Santo? Whatever you feel drawn to is probably what you should be using.
  3. Spray away. There are cleansing sprays that add that extra ump you may need to send that negative energy packing. There are TONS of recipes online, but my favorite, self crafted, is listed below…


Cleansing Spray

Moon Water in 16 oz glass bottle

6 Drops Each Essential Oils of Sage, Cinnamon, and Rosemary (see my favorite essential oils here)

Small Black Obsidian Stone


Directions: Mix moon water and essential oils in a glass spray bottle. (Amber Bottles like these work best) After gently shaking, drop Obsidian stone into bottle. Close it up and spray generously around your space, with heavy focus on windows and doorways.

Remember, a clean space is key to you reaching your full potential and ability. We attract what we portray. Let your space be a reflection of your own wonderful energy!

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