“The beings of the future will only remain anonymous for so long… The space between what was thought to be impossible or unacceptable has closed. We have now surpassed that point.

What was once hidden, Is now in the open. The process of exiting this planet, exiting this dimension, are underway. The commencement of interdimensional travel has been initiated.

The need for anonymity is no longer necessary… What was once thought to be extraterrestrial are really just the beings of the future. The beings of the future are us… This is the age of Aquarius…”

 David P. Hernandez

Sometimes it’s difficult to get inside an artist’s head. We get to see the outward expression through the art they create, but knowing what inspired their creative journey is kept locked inside the depths of the artist’s mind. Do we dare enter? Well…that’s up to you. Personally, I love examining what makes artists tick.

The quote above is an explanation of what the painting “Anonymity” is all about. The thought that inspired the artist. It’s clear from the work that this journey was one of realization, fear, and resolution. What would YOU do if all the sudden these alien beings we’ve hypothesized about for so long made a full-fledged appearance…What if you discovered they are actually US, just an evolved version from the future?

Maybe you believe this realization would be comforting…and maybe it would be, at first. Until the rivers run red…

Art SHOULD make you feel…it should make you think about, and question, your own reality. Anonymity does this beautifully.

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